Chromatin and Transcription

Transcription by RNA polymerase II in the context of chromatin

GeneNeighborhood: an R package to explore the direct neighbors of your favorite gene set

Visit [GeneNeighborhood on github](https://github.com/pgpmartin/GeneNeighborhood)

Generate random genes as GRanges

Generating random genome annotations For different purposes, I often need to create random gene/features annotations. I usually need these annotations as a GRanges object (see the GenomicRanges package). I searched a bit on the internet but couldn’t really find what I was looking for.

Nicer scatter plots in GGgally ggpairs-ggduo

GGally is an extension of ggplot2. I use it mainly as a replacement/refinement of pairs in base R. Here, I want to replace the default scatter plot used to compare 2 continuous variables with something nicer, especially adapted to plotting large number of points.

Core bioconductor packages for NGS data analysis